Can Systems Thinkers Work Together?

On December 07, 2020, Felicia published a blog by the above title. This gave rise to many helpful conversations. Some of the findings flowing from those conversations — including efforts to get systems thinkers working together more — are documented on this page.

Below are two models Felicia offers to help think about the wider world of “systems thinking.”

Systems Thinkers - Examples of Who Focuses on What
System Thinkers - Who Works As What

Examples of systems thinkers: who focuses on what areas of life and the cosmos?

Examples of systems thinkers whose work has taken one (or more) of three forms.

ISSS One Letter Logo
Presencing Institute Logo

The Systems Thinker “Authors” page lists over 400 author contributors.

The International Society for the Systems Sciences is perhaps *the* organization for those involved in systems sciences (as opposed to systems at a non-academic level). Their business directory only lists one organization, and you have to be a member to view their members list. (We understand they have a diversity of special focus groups within ISSS.)

Theory U and Otto Scharmer (out of MIT) have an organization called the Presencing Institute. Check out their list of nearly 1,000 members to find other Theory U people in your area.