Former Marin County community organizer and promoter of “systems thinking” shares her first-person voice following on insights gathered over five years of local experience. This book is full of specific datapoints, examples, and suggestions for making the world a better place, beginning with Marin County residents learning more about the very real challenges within their own community. The focus is on Marin County, California, but Marin is contextualized within and compared to California, the Untied States, and in some cases, the globe. Each issue area – organized by the first six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 – is looked at from existing reports, but also, a systems worldview. This means that each issue area is considered in the context of related issues, a long-term perspective, and the role of relationships – of all kinds – and how these factors impact our collective ability to alleviate the challenges related to each. The author makes a concerted effort to include information about Native North American groups as they are often left out of collective reports for various reasons.
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