Systems Thinking Mini-Course

Can we make the world a better place with systems thinking?

Welcome! I believe the answer to this question is not only “yes,” but that without systems thinking, we will continue heading in the wrong direction. Moreover, some of the practices that are working really well are already systems type-approaches. How do you recognize them? Watch the three videos of the Systems Thinking Mini-Course below to find out.

You not only learn about systems thinking, but a bit about how to recognize when a “solution” is addressing the system versus when an intervention is really an emergency action to stop the bleeding.

Put on your thinking cap: there is a lot in these three short videos (the longest is about 11 minutes). If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact me.


About Systems Thinking – Three Main Points (10:56)


How Do I Know When I’m Systems Thinking? (09:24)


How Can I Learn More About Systems Thinking? (08:33)

For an outline of this course, across all three videos, download this PDF Outline.