There are two ways to make a financial contribution to Systems Thinking Marin.

1. To donate online, click the PayPal button below.

2. To donate by check, see the information “Mailing a Check” section below.

If you are interested in sponsoring Systems Thinking Marin on an ongoing basis, please contact Felicia Chavez via the Contact page.

Your donation is tax deductible.

Systems Thinking Marin is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.
EIN: 94-2524840.

Mailing a Check

Please mail a check made out to “Systems Thinking Marin” to the following address:

Inquiring Systems
101 Brookwood Ave. Ste #204
Santa Rosa , CA 95404

Why Donate?

When you financially support Systems Thinking Marin, a startup nonprofit, the funds support anything related to the daily functioning of the organization, including Felicia’s startup salary, office supplies, and administrative costs from Inquiring Systems, our fiscal sponsor.

Felicia is currently spending her time thusly:

  • Promoting systems thinking via this website, in-person one-on-one conversations with individuals in Marin County, and in presentations to groups.
  • Promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 as a platform through which we can better coordinate efforts across organizations and sectors, including as president of the local chapter of the United Nations Association
  • Researching (online, and attending events) the most salient facts about social equity in Marin County (see this in-process list of social equity-related reports) to compile and publicize (with citations), eventually to do the same for ecological reports
  • Strategizing to create a community map of nonprofits and community groups in Marin County with local community organizers
  • Writing blogs about local initiatives that take a systems approach to solving a challenge

Systems Thinking Marin will continue to exist as long as I continue to receive feedback that systems thinking is definitely needed, and people are receptive to seeing things more holistically and optimally coordinating efforts.

Target Funding

What might be possible if we had funding for three experienced, full-time employees paid around $60,000 per year, plus some version of office space, administrative support, project-specific consultants, and development funding? $250,000 to $300,000 annually would allow this organization to pay people somewhat reasonably, and to create the “high quality learning container” that Theory U talks about to support the development of the above bullet points.

Thank You!