Introduction to Systems Thinking Marin


To raise awareness about, and adoption of, systems thinking in Marin County, in all sectors.

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SDG Number 17 - Partnerships for the Goals
Systems Thinking Marin is excited about building local partnerships to achieve the Global Goals. Learn more.

An in-person social equity training that includes systems thinking tools.

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Rise Together LEO Training for Marin County

November 28-30 2018 | January 9-11 2019 | February 20-22, 2019

“…nature sustains life by creating and nurturing communities. Sustainability is not an individual property but a property of an entire web of relationships. It always involves a whole community.” (p. 355, The Systems View of Life, Capra and Luisi)

UN Sustainable Development Goals Vertical Logo

UN Sustainable Development Goals for Marin County

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